Avery Write-On™ BIG TAB Dividers, 8-Tab Set, Color Tabs


  • Write on laminated tabs with virtually any writing instrument
  • Three-hole punched with tear-resistant reinforced line for durability
  • 8 1/2″ x 11″
  • 1 set of 8 tabs
  • Tabs are 50% bigger than standard tabs to provide more space for writing
  • 30% post-consumer recycled content
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The Avery BIG TAB Write-On™ Colored 8-tab divider contains a reinforced edge to prevent tearing at binder holes.

  • Includes three-holed punched to use with standard binders.
  • Feature tabs that are 50% bigger than typical tabs for even more available writing space.
  • Use a pen or pencil to label the white tabs quickly and conveniently.
  • The tabs’ laminated surface allows you to write, erase and reuse with ease.
  • Reinforced line helps the three pre-punched holes resist tearing in your binder for extra durability.
  • Keep your binders and notebooks well-organized with these Avery dividers.
  • Bright colors ensure that the labels on each big tab stand out, allowing you to see what’s stored in each section at a glance.
  • Eight tabs give you plenty of choices when it comes to sectioning out your information, making it simple to study class notes.


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